Getting Started

To view your analytics, click on the Mail tab in the left sidebar. Or visit this link.

The email client is still a work in progress. It lacks a lot of basic functionality you’d expect from an email client. It’s not intended to replace your current email client today. But we’re constantly working on improving it.

Run AI on old emails

You can use the email client to categorize your emails using AI, and also run the AI automation on older emails.

To run the AI automation on old emails, hover over an email, and click the Run AI action button that appears.

You can also bulk run the AI automation on multiple emails by selecting multiple emails and clicking the Run AI action button at the top of the screen.

Send an email with AI

To compose a new email with AI, press command+k on your keyboard, and then click Compose. Then type / or ++ to use the AI autocompletion. You can also use AI autocompletion when replying to emails. To do this click the reply icon, and an email composer will appear with AI autocompletion.


These are the features we are working on adding to the email client to make it feature complete:

  • Viewing emails by label
  • Forwarding emails
  • Replying to specific emails
  • Add CC/BCC when sending emails
  • View CC when receiving emails