Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Inbox Zero.

I see an error “You have exceeded the Gmail rate limit”. How do I fix this?

This error is due to the fact that Gmail has a rate limit per account. If you’ve connected your account to other email services, it’s possible that they are using up your rate limit.

To check what other services have access to your Gmail account, please visit the Security page for your Google account: Then in the section “Your connections to third-party apps & services”, click on the See all connections button. In the Filter by section, select Access to Gmail.

If there are any services there that you no longer use, click on them, and then click on Delete all connections you have with this app.

How do I add more email addresses to my account?

To add more email addresses to your account, please visit the Settings page in the left sidebar. Then in the Share Premium, add the emails you’d like to share your premium with. Each email address you add must first sign up to Inbox Zero, and then you can add them to your account.