Getting Started

To set up AI automations for your email, click on the AI Automation tab in the left sidebar. Or visit this link.

To create your first automation, click on an example on the right. Then click Save. This will generate an AI rule for you. You can now click the pen icon to edit the rule, or the trash icon to delete it. You can click the plus icon to add more rules.

AI Rules

How Rules Work

Rules are broken into two parts:

  1. The condition to match against.
  2. The action to take when the AI finds a match.

If the condition is met, the AI will take the action (or suggest to take the action if in Manual Confirmation mode).

Automation Rules


You are able to edit the actions after you’ve clicked Save. A pen icon will then appear below the rule. Clicking this will allow you to edit the actions.

The AI can take the following actions:

  • Archive
  • Label
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Send Email
  • Draft Email
  • Mark Spam

The actions are determined ahead of time. If the actions you’ve set include Archive and Label, the AI will not have the ability to reply to the email. The content of the different fields can either be fixed or generated in real-time by the AI when processing an email. For example, you can set the Label field to Receipts, or the AI must generate it in real time. To generate content in real-time you must have AI Generated toggled on.

You can add multiple actions to a rule. For example, you can Label an email and Archive it at the same time.

Automated vs Manual Confirmation Mode

When you create an AI rule, you can choose between Automated and Manual Confirmation mode:

  • Automated: The AI will automatically apply the rule to your emails without asking for confirmation.
  • Manual Confirmation: The AI will suggest the rule to you, and you can choose to apply it or not.

Test Rules

You can test your rules by clicking the Test Rules button at the top of the page. This will show you a list of emails and the actions the AI would take on them.

Test Rules

Remove Rules

To remove a rule, click the minus button next to it. Then click “Save”.


AI automation does not currently run on emails in threads.

Use your own API key

To create an OpenAI API key, visit:

To set it on Inbox Zero, visit:


Visit the Settings page and select GPT-4 as your AI model for the best results.

To hide the automation settings, click the button at the top right of the screen. Now you’ll only see Planned/History items.